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Ribs on the grill being glazed with BBQ sauce


Sauces and glazes have been improving meals from Texas barbecue to Chinese food for centuries. We consider these delicious flavorings an added bonus when it comes to cooking.

You can perk up your boring chicken by adding a fiery barbecue sauce. Or turn your so-so chili into a rich satisfying bowl of flavor! You can even add a beautiful shine to your holiday bird with a super tasty glaze.

We have just what you need to make all of this and more a reality with our selection of sauces and glazes. Each brand and flavor is unique, however, all of them can help your homemade meals taste better and your BBQ competition turn-ins win! 

Stop by. Ask an Outdoor Chef grilling pro about all the options and brands we carry. Let our pros share with you their favorites. We can even show you how to use these sauces and glazes at one of our in-store events (the easiest way to learn about these events is to signup for our newsletter).

What is sauce?

Sauce is best described by its definition – “sauce, liquid or semiliquid mixture that is added to a food as it cooks or that is served with it. Sauces provide flavor, moisture, and a contrast in texture and color.”

What is glaze?

A glaze for food is pretty much the same thing as a sauce, however, glazes typically are translucent and add an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the food. According to Wikipedia, a glaze may be applied before or after cooking. It can be either sweet or savory.

Some of our products are oils, too. These oils are everything from a spray oil like Duck Fat Spray and pourable oil like Butcher BBQ grilling oil. They all taste great and can help keep the meat juicy while cooking.


Our brand list of sauces and glazes is extensive and changes often. Some are local Lubbock or Texas brands and some are national brand names. We have lots of BBQ competition options, too. We know one thing for sure, you’ll find something you like on the shelves.

  • Craig’s BBQ Sauce ← LUBBOCK BRAND
  • The Original Rib Candy ← LUBBOCK BRAND
  • Texas Pepper Jelly ← LUBBOCK BRAND
  • Raider Red Meats  ← LUBBOCK BRAND
  • Blues Hog
  • Traeger
  • Duck Fat Spray
  • Kosmos Q
  • Wickers Smoked Jalapeno Glaze
  • Sucklebusters
  • Killer Hogs
  • Hoff’s
  • Smoky Okie’s
  • Ass Kickin Hot Sauces
  • Hotter than El Hot Sauce
  • Butcher BBQ Grilling Oils
  • Texas Oil Dust Brandin’ Oil
  • TPJ Peachy Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce ← LUBBOCK BRAND

No one likes to experience FOMO. To keep that from happening we suggest you become a regular at Outdoor Chef so that you can be the first to try the newest and best sauces and glazes around.