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Different kinds of wood pellets for pellet grills

Pellet Grills for Home and Competition BBQ

The versatility of a pellet grill is undeniable and they are generally very user-friendly. Pellet grills are like a gas grill, electric oven, and smoker had a baby.

  •         Gas Grill Convenience
  •         Offset Smoker Smokey Flavor
  •         Electric Oven Consistent Temperature

However, the versatility extends past these things, they offer quick-start features and some even have wonderful high heat sear capabilities like your favorite gas grill.

There are some purists that believe the best pellet smoker can’t produce the same smoke flavor that your typical offset smoker can, but some people may consider that a good thing.

We have some great pellet cooker options like Traeger, Green Mountain, Yoder (USA made grills), and Memphis here in our Lubbock store. Come take a look! We are open Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM-3:00 PM. (closed on most major holidays)


BUILT-IN Pellet Grill Brands:

  • Memphis
  • Traeger

FREE STANDING Pellet Grill Brands:

  • Green Mountain
  • Memphis
  • Traeger
  • Yoder (can be semi built-in) Made in the USA icon

Some things you need to know before buying a Pellet Grill

Pros we like to highlight:

  •         Set it and leave it
  •         Transition easily from grilling to smoking and back again
  •         Inexpensive to operate
  •         Digital controllers for time and temp accuracy
  •         Fans to maintain a consistent temperature

Cons we need to highlight:

  •         Not ideal for rainy or wet conditions
  •         Hardwood pellets don’t impart heavy smoke flavor like offset smokers
  •         You need a continual electrical source to operate the controller
  •         It requires detailed cleaning to maintain its auger & firepot
  •         Electrical components and moving parts tend to wear out and need to be replaced

Can pellet grills be built into an outdoor kitchen?

Similar to our gas grill brands these grills have both built-in and freestanding options (our current brands are listed above).

If you need to replace a grill or are in the process of building a brand-new outdoor kitchen all you need to do is have your plans or ideas ready and bring them to the Outdoor Chef experts. We can help you select the perfect pellet grill for your outdoor grilling needs.

By the way, we test drive every grill model that comes through our doors before we put them on our showroom floor. This helps prepare us to answer any questions you may have regarding the grill brands we carry in-store (and even some we don’t). Come see our large inventory!