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Our Past Cooking/Barbecue Classes in Pictures

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Address: 1401 114th Street Lubbock, TX 79423
Phone: 806-748-7144

November 13, 2022

This Holiday Cooking Class was our first public class since moving to our new location. We opened it up to 25 participants. Little did we know how quickly it would sell out!

The class was just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas because on the menu was Juicy Turkey & Double Smoked Ham along with sides and desserts.

Some of the flavor booster products we incorporated from our store were our popular Duck Fat spray, Rib Candy, and John Henry seasonings.

Throughout the cooking class, we utilized our in-store grills and accessories, including knives from Bunzl, Black Mamba nitrile gloves, foil pans, and the ever-popular The Briner bucket. These items make prep and serving so much easier.

The grills we chose to use were the New Timberline (pellet), a Stainless Steel Memphis Elite (pellet), a Genesis Weber (propane gas grill), and a GMG (pellet). We were able to show the differences between the brands, and how to use each one specifically for the purpose of the day.

October 4, 2022

On a beautiful sunny October day, we hosted a group of men from Southcrest Baptist Church for a flavorful afternoon of barbecue! Their men’s group enjoyed learning some barbecue brisket basics such as, how to trim a brisket and how to season a brisket.

In the trim portion of the class, we used a Clauss knife and a Granton edge slicer from Bunzl/Koch.

We smoked multiple briskets on our personal offset smoker using hickory wood.

The seasoning flavors we chose to go with were the Big Poppa Smokers Money & Cash cow as well as the competition-winning Chupacabra Brisket Magic. These were utilized separately on the briskets to allow the participants to taste-test multiple seasoning brands. Throughout the event, we used our favorite Black Mamba Nitrile gloves and disposable foil pans.