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What is the difference between a free-standing gas grill and a built-in?

A free-standing gas grill – Weber Genesis and Blackstone Griddle are a few examples. They are heated by a gas source whether natural gas or liquid propane. The unit itself can be moved around and is not locked into a permanent location. However, this doesn’t mean it is portable…that is a whole other type of grill.

What is the difference between a liquid propane grill and a natural gas grill?

Not much. It is really just the type of components and size of gas lines that were originally installed in the grill.

Natural gas is usually a grill you would hook up directly to your home’s exterior gas line. In contrast, a propane grill will connect to a propane tank which you can get at just about any grocery, builders’ warehouse, or convenience store.

The good news is, not all brands are built as one or the other and can be converted using conversion kits (which we carry) to make the grills usable in the other format. However, a few brands such as Weber and Napolean cannot be converted. (Note-some warranties are VOIDED if you convert a gas grill, so be very careful if doing it).

What is a hardwood pellet?

Hardwood pellets are small, mostly uniform, and made from hardwood such as oak, hickory, or mesquite. These and other wood pellets (apple and cherry for example) are used by pellet smokers, like the Traeger brand, as the heat source and to help impart a smoky flavor into your meal.

Each pellet smoker manufacturer has recommended pellets. We offer a large variety of them in multiple pellet flavors. Some pellets are better than those suggested by the manufacturer.

Choosing a good pellet can make a world of difference in your food and the functionality of your new pellet smoker. Always use a food-grade hardwood pellet in your smoker.

Heating pellets are made from softwoods, resins, and fillers and will not work in your pellet smoker. They can make your food taste awful too!

Chat with one of our BBQ pellet grill experts to help you get just the right pairing for your meals and new pellet grill.

Will my new BBQ grill come with a rain cover?

Most grills don’t come with a cover. We do stock covers specially made for the grills we carry and can help you find the right one for the model you purchase. These covers will fit your grill much better than a “universal” type cover and will help keep your grill looking good. Stop by to see the quality of brands we have in stock.

What kinds of gas can I use with my gas grill?   

It depends on the type of barbecue grill you purchase. Please be sure to confirm the type before attempting to connect. The two types of gas grills we sell at The Outdoor Chef are natural gas and liquid propane.

Is it safe to store the propane tank indoors?

We suggest you leave it outside or in the garage. They can leak. And they are prone to rusting on the bottom.

If you are storing a tank in an area where you don’t want a rust stain you can set the tank on bricks, or even a flower pot mover (you can find these at a nursery or store that sells plants). Some of the grills we sell have a place for you to hang the tank either under the grill or on the side.



Where are you located in Texas?

Our grill store – soon to be your grill store – is located in Lubbock, Texas. 1401 114th St.

Can I visit your Lubbock showroom?

Yes! We are the BBQ store for Lubbock locals. We want you to visit us! We encourage you to come, see, touch, and learn how to use the products we sell – especially the barbecue grills. Coming to our grilling store is the only way to see the thousands of cooking and grilling supplies we carry.

How do I buy grills and smokers online?

Currently, we don’t sell online. However, you are welcome to call us (806) 748-7144 or email us outdoorcheflubbock[at] anytime to discuss a purchase or even to have our product experts put something on hold for you to pick up at our Lubbock store.

What types of payment do you accept?

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • IPay
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Which currency do you accept?

US currency.

Can I pay on delivery?

All items must be paid for in full prior to delivery.

How long do you take to deliver my new grill or pre-fab outdoor kitchen?

We schedule it based on your needs.

How much are the delivery fees?

These range based on distance and weight. Typically a grill delivery in Lubbock city limits is $25. If you need delivery further, we are happy to help you with that, just ask for a quote. 

Can I exchange the product?

If for any reason your dream BBQ grill, outdoor kitchen items, or any of the cooking accessories you purchased from us don’t fit your needs within 10 days of purchase you can exchange the unused item for another item of equal value in the store. Don’t forget to bring your receipt. We do not exchange food products such as spices or sauces for safety reasons. 

Can I get a full refund on an unused product?

If for any reason the outdoor grill, kitchen accessories, or any of the cooking items you purchased here at The Outdoor Chef don’t fit your needs and are unused within 10 days of purchase you may return the items in their original packaging and with the original receipt. Upon acceptance of the item(s), you will be given a store credit or a refund. The exception to this rule is food products such as spices or sauces. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns of edible items.

Do you offer free delivery service for a purchase over $500?



How do I get after-sale grill support?

If you need help with your BBQ grill either, gas, pellet, or charcoal you are welcome to come by the store during business hours and ask us questions. Or call during our regular store hours.

The Outdoor Chef grill store hours are found on our location page.

Email is accepted at all hours, but is responded to within 48 hours unless it is a Holiday then 72 hours is the response time. outdoorcheflubbock[at]

How long is the warranty for my grill?

We offer a 1-year in-house service warranty on all grills we sell, in addition to the manufacturer warranty. This means if your grill is not performing as it should, you can bring it back to us in the first year and we will fix it at no charge.

When you purchase your grill (Weber, Blaze, Green Mountain, Napoleon, Lynx, Traeger, or any other brand) through us, we keep a record of the grill model #, serial #, and date of purchase.

If you have a problem with the grill, you contact us and we deal with the manufacturer for you. Many times we have the grill parts in stock and can get you up and cooking again quickly. 

We highly recommend you go ahead and register your product with the manufacturer in case you move out of the area and need help at your new location.

The Outdoor Chef warranty nor the manufacturer’s warranties cover misuse, abuse, or neglect (please refer to your warranty for full details).

You can reach out to us to discuss your specific warranty during regular business hours. Mon-Fri: 10:00 am-6:00 pm • Sat: 9:00 am-3:00 pm • Most Major Holidays: Closed

Each warranty is based on the grill brand you purchase as well as the grill model. Brand warranties vary. We have hang tags on all grills with warranty information available before purchasing. Always refer to your owner’s manual for details regarding your warranty or come by and chat with us for more warranty information.

My grill won’t start. I purchased it at The Outdoor Chef in Lubbock. Now what?

Whether it is a gas grill or a pellet grill we have you covered. Give us a call at (806) 748-7144 we will do everything in our power to walk you through some troubleshooting methods for your grill. If we can’t remedy the issue over the phone, you can drop it off to us for service, or for a fee we can come to you. We will travel up to 50 miles from our location during our regular business hours.

Do you give discounts when buying in bulk?

Please visit our BBQ showroom to speak directly to Sheryl Valentine, owner, about this.