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Kamado grill filled with lump charcoal


Some of the best outdoor food you’ll ever eat will be cooked on a kamado grill. Kamado is a style of grill, not a specific brand.

These ceramic “kilns” have been in existence for thousands of years in the East and have become a grilling phenomenon here in the United States. From baking a pizza to roasting a turkey you can do it all on a kamado grill.

What is a kamado grill?

In essence, they are ceramic or clay pots shaped into an egg or oval shape with openings for heat control and flow. In the 1970s the Big Green Egg company took the kamado style and started making it a household name.

The oval feature of a kamado grill is really what makes it so good and efficient. It allows the heat to flow perfectly over and around the items in the grill allowing them to stay moist and juicy, all the while maintaining the heat for hours.

These grills aren’t made for briquette grilling. Lump charcoal or aged wood is used in these grills which makes them similar to stick burners. They do a great job of imparting a backyard grill flavor, too.

Why lump charcoal?

Charcoal briquettes tend to produce excess ash and are made from scrap wood, along with other combustible materials and additives. Kamado grills don’t work efficiently with charcoal briquettes. The chemicals released by briquettes can get hung up in the grill itself and can give your food an offensive flavor, but also ash builds up and doesn’t allow the air to flow as it was intended.

Kamados work to perfection with lump charcoal and wood because lump charcoal is wood that is “pre-burned” and has no additives. It burns clean and leaves little to no ash. We carry multiple recommended brands of lump charcoal for use in your kamado grill.

See the brands below or stop by the shop and see the products in person. And if you are still curious about the difference between briquettes and lump charcoal for the kamado…we are always happy to “talk shop”.


If you don’t own one of these yet, come by and let us help you understand what the kamado grill craze is all about. We have multiple brands in stock. One of our popular ones, Primo, is made in the USA if you like to buy American-made.

  • Big Green Egg – a.k.a. BGE
  • Primo Made in the USA icon
  • Kamado Joe

While these don’t look like a typical grill you might find in your grandpa’s backyard grill area, they are dependable, sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to use. If you use your kamado grill properly and keep them clean, like any grill, it will last you a very long time. Many of the brands we carry even offer a lifetime warranty on the ceramic.


B&B Charlogs

B&B Lump Oak

B&B Lump Hickory

B&B Lump Mesquite

Big Green Egg

Jealous Devil


Kamado grill tip from the Outdoor Chef experts:

Things you should never use

lighter fluid, briquettes, or self-starting charcoal.

Things you should always use

High-quality brand lump charcoal, or well-aged hardwood.