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Bed of burning charcoal briquettes in a grill


We all know barbecue has been around since the discovery of fire. Until the 1950s, barbecue was generally done on an open pit with a grate over the top. It was also when suburban outdoor grilling took off with brazier-style grills.

There are some other versions of BBQing, like barbacòa and spit roasting, but few can compare to the classic BBQ flavors of a charcoal grill.

What is charcoal?

The charcoal briquette was patented in 1897 by Ellsworth B. A. Zwoyer. However, the Ford family gets the credit for actually turning it into a usable product. Henry Ford took the leftover pieces of wood used in the making of the Model Ts and turned the scraps into fuel for what we know to be a charcoal briquette for a grill. Kingsford Charcoal to be exact.

Kingsford isn’t one of our brands, but we do carry other briquette brands compatible with all of our charcoal-burning grills.

The two brands we currently carry that we believe put out a better-finished product for you are B&B charcoal and Jealous Devil charcoal. We carry both brands in lump charcoal, too.

Other brands tend to not burn the way we prefer, so like other items in our store, we try to carry products other stores don’t. Stop by and see our selection! And while you are in the store, check out all the grills we have in stock.


We don’t carry old-fashioned grills. We do carry brands of charcoal grills that have stood the test of time like Weber kettle grills and Lyfe Tyme, which both continue to be made in the USA.

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  • PK (Portable Kitchen) 

By choosing a charcoal grill you are doing a little part of saving trees because charcoal saves more than one million tons of wood waste a year. How does charcoal save wood? By companies reusing the waste (like sawdust and wood scraps) and turning it into briquettes!

With the invention of the pellet grill, which also uses wood waste, these trusty charcoal grills have taken on a new challenger. However, for those classic backyard charcoal cooks, we know where your heart is and we have all you need to grill your favorite backyard traditions. Come see us today!

Note: the American flag Made in the USA icon indicates our options of “made in the USA” charcoal grills.